Our Wireless Charging Software Can Increase Your Revenues

Providing wireless charging to your customers is a great value adding service.

With several CHARGhubs servicing your customer base, see a Return-on-Investment by utilising our unique Wireless Charging Software.

Communicate in real-time

As soon as your customer places their phone onto a CHARGhub, you create an engaged audience for your services.

Our unique software allows your business to send automatic Welcome messages directly to your customers in real-time. You can also send a series of schedule messages timed to specific events/offers throughout the day.

‘Push notifications’ are sent to your customers with relevant offers, examples such as:  “Please click here to receive your discount code”, “Get 4 bottles for the price of 3, during happy hour”.  If the customer’s phone has been charging for a period of time, why not send them a ‘nudge’.

Those messages can also include links to landing pages on your website.

Are there Frequently Asked Questions from your customers?

“What time does the restaurant open?”, “What time is last orders?”, “What’s the Specials today? You could build these into a series of messages.

Inform your customers what time the restaurant is opening by sending a scheduled push notification “Our restaurant opens in 30 minutes, please click here to see our menu, with all our Specials”

You can send Real-time messages such as “Match kicks off at 7.30pm” or , “Last orders!”

The possibilities are endless.

CHARGit’s Wireless Charging Software

Our unique wireless charging software allows your business to communicate in real-time, or through schedule messages with your customers, and is fully customisable to meet your requirements.

Our software can integrate with your existing App or EPOS systems. If you do not have an App for your business, then the communications can be done via the CHARGit App.

When you install multiple CHARGhubs in your business, you can use the Location Services element of the software, to build a floor plan of your individual wireless charging hubs. This gives you the opportunity to tailor and deliver different messages to different locations/hubs in your business.

There are standard reports to measure the use of each hub, such as: unique sessions, minutes and click-thru data to your website. This data will then allow you to build and modify your marketing plans for any scheduled messages you want to deploy.

Of course, our experts will always be on hand to help plan the locations of your CHARGhubs to generate the maximum Return-on-investment.

Mobile Devices

All the leading manufacturers of mobile phones offer wireless charging as standard on their hand sets. Apple is the market leader in the UK for mobile devices and has offered wireless charging since iPhone 8. Samsung, in 2nd place, have 30% market share, and have offered wireless charging since 2014. So it’s highly likely that your customer will be able to benefit from Wireless Charging.


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