Some extremely positive statistics have emerged of the growth of the wireless power market, which serves to reinforce how much potential there is in the industry.

Having grown 40% in 2016, the first quarter of this year is suggesting even greater growth for 2017 according to the findings of the new IHS Markit 2017 Wireless Power Tracker.

With Samsung already having wireless charging incorporated into its mobile handset and Apple set to join with the next instalment of its iPhone (if recent reports are to be believed) consumer demand is set to sky rocket. Tech giants such as Dell and Lenovo are already on board with wireless charging in their laptops, further enhancing the level of opportunity for providers of wireless charging.

The figures are particular to the US, but it indicates that 35% of consumers in the country have already used wireless charging, which is an increase on the quarter of consumers who had used it as of 2016.

The fact that 1 in 3 people have used wireless charging technology is a great indicator of where the market is going and it’s reassuring to know that more and more people are becoming aware of the capabilities.

The report also highlights that 98% of wireless power users are satisfied with their current solution – with 61% being very satisfied. This suggests that wireless technology is going in the right direction and meeting the requirements of consumer demand.

Reassuringly for CHARGit, consumers who have used wireless charging indicated a preference for pad/mat charging. While we don’t use unsightly charging plates, the principal of how we work is the same and it’s good to know that this method is what consumers understand and appreciate.

Other areas of the report highlighted that more and more venues in the hospitality industry are set to install wireless charging units in line with demand. This is a key area of growth for us and this certainly ties in with conversations we’ve been having in the hospitality sector.

The report refers to the appeal of ‘power grazing’ which we deem as a ‘top up’ culture – where consumers look to boost battery power by 15-20% whilst out and about. This is something that hospitality providers are set to benefit from.

In a big boost for our vision of where we see the technology evolving, 72% of those who have used wireless charging have said that they’ve specifically chosen to visit a venue thanks to its wireless charging capabilities. This just serves to reinforce our message – that introducing wireless charging puts you on the map, encouraging footfall and therefore driving profitability.

The consumer survey also indicated that 75% of consumers wanted to see wireless charging incorporated into laptops – which made them the most popular mobile device for wireless charging evolution. Wearable tech was another area where consumers wanted to see developments in wireless charging – again something that hospitality venues, retailers and more can exploit if they have the capability in place.

Overall the report suggested a very positive outlook for the wireless industry as a whole, but particularly so for our vision of what we aim to do at CHARGit. Having done our own research into what works for the consumer, it’s reassuring to see it backed up by additional studies.

CHARGit offers excellent opportunities for venues looking to differentiate their offering and it’s clear that consumer demand is only set to increase as the technology becomes more commonplace.

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