Our intelligent wireless charging enhances the customer experience and incentivises sales.

Work & Education

CHARGit’s intelligent wireless charging delivers the freedom to work or study, access the internet and communicate anywhere, without the need for plugs and cables or the stress of battery anxiety.

With WIFI connections almost everywhere today, it is this continuous connection that is driving business and learning, but also driving batteries to run out. Keep your staff, visitors and students fully operational by installing CHARGit’s intelligent wireless charging in desks, board rooms & communal spaces.



Guests across the entire hospitality spectrum expect their every need to be catered for, including the latest technology; not just a Wi-Fi connection but also power. By installing CHARGit’s intelligent wireless charging into restaurants, café’s, gyms, hotels, pubs, bars and public spaces you provide your guests with a convenient access to power, further enhancing the customer experience.

Customers understand that charging their mobile device is a value add on and are increasingly choosing where they visit, stay or frequent on this basis. Because of the benefit to them they are more receptive to the sales and marketing messages that CHARGit’s unique software can deliver, enabling your business to increase revenue, loyalty and footfall.


The ever-merging real and digital worlds of online shopping and the Internet of Things are revolutionising the way we shop. However, with recent surveys showing Millennials and Generation Z favour experience over tangible goods, retailers need to digitally ‘shoppertain’ to keep the emerging customer base buying.

CHARGit’s unique intelligent wireless charging software means your customers’ devices are fully primed for push notifications, advertisements and digital interaction to inform and drives sales from a continually connected consumer.  It also delivers data capture, behavioural marketing insights, increases footfall and loyalty, ultimately increasing revenue.

Events & Leisure

There are huge captive audiences in venues daily, whether at sporting events or business conferences, a concert or an exhibition. Adding wireless charging eases battery anxiety and has enormous potential for businesses and sponsors to communicate with and capitalise on these audiences.

By providing your audience with CHARGit intelligent wireless charging in your stadiums, arenas and event spaces, data can be captured, messages delivered, and revenue generated either via sponsor and partner advertisement or food & drink outlets.


Wireless charging technology integrated into furniture is fast becoming a consumer need. Interior and kitchen designers, furniture retailers, homeowners and student accommodation are all integrating CHARGit wireless charging into their latest designs.

Grazing on power in areas that need power the most, be it kitchens, home offices or bedroom furniture, can be achieved whilst maintaining the seamless beauty originally designed. Including our CHARGhubs, whether visibly or invisibly, helps de-clutter living spaces and homes by removing unnecessary cables and seamlessly integrates the latest technology into your customers’ everyday lives.


Travellers probably worry the most about losing power in their devices, as everything from boarding passes, tickets and maps to contact numbers and addresses are stored on their devices. Battery anxiety for travellers is all too real; providing accessible convenient power throughout their journey eases battery anxiety, allowing travellers a stress-free trip.

Integrating CHARGit intelligent wireless CHARGhubs throughout airports, stations and travel hubs eases traveller stress. It also provides behavioural insight and enables you to deliver push notifications in seconds, allowing real time communications either directly from you or from partner advertisements.

Contact us to find out more about our fast wireless charging and intelligent software

Contact us to find out more about our fast wireless charging and intelligent software