UK Smartphone Statistics


There are so many UK Smartphone statistics to be found online, that we brought together some of the best that we’ve found.

NB: We last updated this page July2020.

The smartphone is now an everyday item, and has been become the corner stone of our lives. Whether it’s browsing the internet, streaming live content, checking social media, or maybe even making a phone call. This device never leaves our side.


UK Sales

Apple led the UK for market share for 2019, of leading mobile device vendors whilst Samsung dominates the market for devices globally[1].

Two models sold, Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone XR represented 13% of all models sold during April 2019[1].

UK Smartphone Statistics

  • 79% of UK adults (18+) own a Smartphone[2]
  • The UK leads the way globally with Smartphone penetration, followed by Germany and then the United States[3]
  • On average, Brits spend 2 hours and 34 minutes online on their smartphones every day.[2]
  • 100% of 16-24 year olds have access to the internet via a mobile device[2]

  • 1 in every 5 minutes spent online is on a Social Media account, and over 70% of adults have a social media account[2]

Accessible Power

Battery power will remain a constant issue, as apps become more sophisticated and our demand on our devices grow. Our habits with our devices has changed. We now live streaming, whether music or video, we are constantly monitoring ourselves, bluetooth is permanently on. We are increasing the demand on the battery.

The majority of all phones sold included a cable charger, but 2019 Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey reports a growth in power bank and wireless charging options.

So does this Deloitte research show our fear of never being connected? It’s not uncommon to see people huddled near plug sockets in shops trying to syphon of enough electricity to charge a battery to a safe limit.

Public transport has responded to this need. First we were offered wifi on trains and buses, but now they are offering us the chance to plug our cables in for a quick boost.

But there is the in-built flaw. How many of us have our cable with us? The Little Black Dress does not come with a cable pocket, and your jeans barely have room for a wallet. Also on public transport, that USB socket is something that can be vandalised or just become dirty. There are even some online reports, that USB ports can be used for hacking your phone.

So perhaps, it’s time for the everybody to wake up to the concept of Wireless Charging. No wires. The two leading Brands in the UK, Apple and Samsung, both have wireless charging capability in their models. So what is everyone waiting for.


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