Trends & Insights Fuelling Today’s Digital Marketing Boom

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Why the mobile digital market will continue to grow

The number of global mobile connections now exceeds the number of humans on Planet Earth. Yet mobile growth is still growing, with experts predicting there will be 16.8 billion mobile devices globally by 2023 – nearly 2 per person and almost double-saturation. The potential for mobile marketing is simply enormous.

In this blog we cite mobile and smartphone facts and stats, trends and insights that are fuelling the huge growth in mobile marketing globally. We aim to give you the information every business needs to know to communicate directly with consumers and increase revenue.

Worldwide Phone Use – World domination via the mobile phone

World domination is something usually written about in science fiction novels or major plot lines from a James Bond film, but it has become a reality via the proliferation of smartphones globally. With as many as 4.68 billion mobile users in 2019 the figures speak for themselves, with data capture potential it’s hardly surprising that the macro sales and marketing trends for 2020 will be for mobile marketing.

With the right tools, software and incentives your business can gather data perfectly legally, in ways that allow for direct conversations with consumers in real time, conversations that incentivise sales and increase revenues. Read about how it works Here.

Smartphone Ownership by Country – it’s not always the ‘usual suspects’

The UK has the highest number of smartphones in Europe, with 82.2% of the population owning one, that equates to 54 million smartphone devices.  A huge potential audience by even James Bond’s standards. Close behind the UK on mainland Europe is the Netherlands with 80% and Sweden by 79%. Both the UK and America top the list of countries with the highest amount of mobile internet subscription rates, with the US alone expecting 275 million mobile internet users by 2022.

However, the research raised a few surprises, for example, the USA is behind such countries such as Lebanon in percentages of the population owning smartphones. This data can be explained by ease of access to computers – in many countries, especially emerging economies, a smartphone is the only access to the Internet people have. The number of mobile devices connected to the Internet now exceeds the entire global population by almost 1 billion.

This clearly demonstrates that communicating with mobile devices will help businesses to future proof and reach the next generation of consumers. CHARGit Have created an intelligent intuitive software platform that allows consumer and venue to interact with each other in real time. See How It Works

The BIG mobile marketing trends for 2020

With the average smartphone user tapping away on their device for around 4-5 hours a day – a great deal longer if you count only the under 35’s demographics of the Millennial and Generation Z – and it becomes immediately apparent that charging on the move is imperative for today’s smartphone users. Gone are the days of worrying about free Wi-Fi and the lack thereof curtailing phone use. Today, batteries will run out before data subscriptions do.

By offering your guests, customers, consumers and visitors a free fast battery charge you gain mobile marketing opportunities. In 2018 it was recorded that 63% of revenue generated from digital and online ads came from mobile ads – Yes, we did say a whopping 63%! However, marketeers know that random messaging is extremely off-putting – sales and marketing messages must be properly targeted via location data and smooth the path to sales via coupon inclusion – two more huge mobile marketing trends for 2020

CHARGit – leaders in Intelligent Wireless Charging

CHARGit’s intelligent software is triggered when a user starts to charge, this allows for the right message, notification or offer to be sent directly to the handset in real time, utilising the knowledge of where that user is allows for the message to be completely relevant and up to date.

Mobile Marketing Statistics – remember, you heard it here first!

There is still HUGE growth in the mobile device market and therefore huge growth yet to be achieved in mobile marketing and mobile data capture. CHARGit’s unique software alongside our CHARGhub’s are leading the way to interact with mobile devices in an innovative way. CHARGhub’s trigger actions in real time, helping to talk to your customers and provide a valuable insight whilst making experiences personalised.

Here is our mobile marketing fact file which helps to define the key benefits of mobile digital marketing:

  • 4 out of 5 smartphone users have used and regularly use their smartphone to shop
  • 2018 saw over $138 billion spent worldwide on mobile adverts
  • The App Store registered $46.6 billion revenue generated via mobile marketing
  • This year Facebook have already stated that 92% of its advertising revenue was from mobile
  • Likewise, this year Amazon spent 2/3 of its ad budget on digital mobile ads
  • Google Data findings state that after seeing an ad on their smartphone consumers either 1) perform a Google search and/or buy the product in a store OR 2) send a text about it to someone else/post on social media
  • By August 2018, US companies had allocated 9.4% of their marketing budgets in mobile marketing – that figure is expected to quadruple by 2021
  • With the trend already for more video content online, coupled with the explosive mobile marketing trend the combination of the two will prove another meg(A)-trend for 202(0)). Expectations are that video mobile marketing ad spend in 2020 will be in excess of 13.3 billion US dollars

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Mobile Marketing is here to stay and rapidly grow as mobile proliferation grows, make sure your business is ready to intelligently communicate with your consumer in real time. Send your customers marketing and sales messages that will gain traction and cut-through, thus increasing loyalty, brand recognition and driving sales. Talk to us at CHARGit – Contact Us

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