How The Hospitality Industry Will Benefit From Intelligent Wireless Charging and Why?

Over 80% of UK consumers use smartphone devices on average 4.5 hours per day

This represents 54 million devices being used daily, this is creating a huge need for accessible power to avoid the dreaded battery anxiety moment. Providing CHARGit’s easily accessible wireless charging not only solves this problem but will enhance the customer experience. Businesses will naturally reap the benefits by offering free wireless charging in their venues alongside CHARGit’s intelligent software, allowing sales and marketing messages to be delivered in real time as the customer charges their device.

Consumers who receive a free mobile charge will be more receptive to receiving and responding to marketing and sales messages – they understand that the relationship is a reciprocal one, with mutual benefits to both parties. So, what exactly does the hospitality sector have to gain from wireless charging?

What are the key hospitality consumer expectations?

In the world of hospitality, the ethos has long been, ‘the customer is always right’ and we see no reason to disagree. Along with excellence in food and drink, service and ambience, cleanliness and welcome, today’s customer expects, even perceives they have consumer right to always be connected in a digitally charged world.

Consumers are increasingly choosing where to go for a coffee, a sandwich, a quick lunch or a long weekend based on technological facilities almost as much as the menu, beverages, rooms and service on offer, so much so, it even features on peer review sites like Trip Advisor & posts on social media. Offer a free wireless charge and you will increase footfall, loyalty and ultimately revenue.


Wireless charging with intelligent software – The benefits for hotels, café’s, bars, restaurants and gyms

There are obvious benefits to the business offering free wireless charging, but those benefits increase hugely when the wireless charging installed comes with intelligent software, like CHARGit’s.

Our software allows sales and marketing messages to be sent direct to consumers’ smartphones as they charge. Our cloud-based software alongside our CHARGhubs work as a trigger, as the consumer places their device to charge   a message can be sent/ journey can begin.    This can be in the form of a simple welcome message or a link to your company’s website, a timed offer or a loyalty reward.   These messages can be easily managed and created in-house for any mobile marketing campaigns, they capture data and behavioural insights and send targeted messages that will incentivise sales and increase revenue. All in real time.

CHARGit Intelligent Wireless Charging can integrate with your existing cloud-based platforms. Our Cloud management software gives usage analytics and insights on how people are using your venues.

CHARGhubs trigger actions in real time, helping to talk to your customers and provide a valuable insight whilst making experiences personalised


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CHARGit – leaders in Intelligent Wireless Charging

How to make consumers more receptive to sales messages

The fact that ‘battery anxiety’ is a psychologically recognised disorder tells you all you need to know about the ‘need’ to be continually connected. Many consumers now have unlimited data packages negating the need for Wi-Fi, consequently, it is their battery running out that concerns them most. They will actively seek places to wirelessly charge their devices, knowing that they will have to become a paying customer in order to get that essential top up of power. If the consumer gets what they need they’re more likely to respond positively to brand and sales messages, as these are every bit as expected as the fact that a coffee, a beer a snack must be purchased. Consumers, your customers, know that in wireless charging it’s a two-way deal – that they’re grazing on a snack as they charge means they can graze on your power.


Mobile marketing made easy for hospitality

Intelligent wireless charging with our unique software, allows for sales messages to be targeted and delivered to customers in specific areas of your venue, allowing for the right message to be delivered to the right customer. Our CHARGhubs can be grouped in various ways giving each zone a targeted marketing message, allowing insights into this data and seeing successes in real time.

Our unique software can capture data and behavioural insights, send sales messages and gather data all in real-time giving a powerful, agile and highly effective mobile marketing tool in your business.

Many hotels, bars, cafes now offer mobile ordering; couple that with intelligent wireless charging and it’s not just the incentivisation that will see revenue grow but the ‘digital enablement’ removes all obstacles to buy


Talk to us at CHARGit if you’re in the restaurant, hotel, bar, pub or café business or have a public space where intelligent wireless charging can be used to help your customers and your revenue streams. Start a productive digital conversation with your customers!

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