How it Works

Our intelligent wireless charging powers your customer and empowers your business.

The Benefits of Wireless Charging for my Business

As expectations for accessible power increase and the manufacture of wireless compatible devices grows, wireless charging is rapidly becoming a consumer expectation. Most car manufacturers are now embedding wireless Qi charging mats as standard, further enhancing our convenience & our everyday lives.

CHARGit Qi wireless charging enables venues and commercial spaces to futureproof their business by offering a simple solution of integrating this technology, benefiting in an increased footfall, driving loyalty and incentivising sales.

Our fast, intelligent wireless charging technology enhances the customer experience and meets what is increasingly becoming a consumer expectation and a modern-day need. Via our unique software you will gather insights, record data analytics and communicate sales and brand messages to your customers in real time, showing a real ROI.

Our CHARGhubs can be grouped by sites, locations, and even individual rooms within a venue, allowing specific and tailored messages to be delivered to the most relevant audience, in real time.

CHARGhubs are simply and seamlessly fitted directly into your furniture, reducing the need for plugs, USBs and cables, our installation team can facilitate minimal to no disruption to suit your needs.

Our CHARGhubs Deliver:

  • Fast, Safe Charging/15-Watts
  • Customer Engagement Software
  • Data Analytics
  • Behavioural Marketing
  • Insights
  • Multiple Installation options
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Easy Deployment
  • Ease of Battery Anxiety
  • Removal of Trip
  • Hazards

Why Have CHARGit Wireless Charging In Your Business?

Do you remember the first time you heard of Wi-FiTM or Bluetooth®? Wi-Fi has become the ubiquitous global standard for wireless internet connections and Bluetooth®, similarly for handsfree communications. Today we could not imagine hospitality spaces, public spaces, event spaces & corporate spaces not offering fast free Wi-Fi. Qi is now the global standard for inductive wireless charging, and as such is now a common feature in battery-operated devices.

By offering your visitors CHARGit Qi wireless charging represents the future of cable free, wireless charging, allowing the users of these devices to find easily accessible power, without the need of carrying additional cables and plugs. Visitors expect venues to provide an easy solution to avoid battery anxiety, CHARGit wireless charging hubs with its simple integration delivers that.

Installing Wireless Charging

Our CHARGhubs are simply and seamlessly embedded into existing or new furniture, either visibly or invisibly.

Our installation team will manage any in-house projects on site, even working out of hours to keep disruption to a minimum. Alternatively, we can work with your design teams or your existing maintenance teams for the best installation solutions.

Invisible CHARGhub

Visible CHARGhub


Intelligent wireless charging – engage with your clients in real-time.

Our Unique Wireless Charging Software

Adding CHARGit’s optional unique and powerful software enables businesses to communicate and capture data analytics and behavioural insights from their customers, guests and travellers, and all in real time.

Customers understand that charging their mobile device is a value add on and so they are increasingly choosing where they visit, stay or frequent on this basis. Because of the benefit to them they are more receptive to the sales and marketing messages received while they charge their devices.

Providing customers with CHARGit intelligent wireless charging empowers your brand, whilst simultaneously enhancing the customer experience and meeting what is fast becoming a customer expectation.

CHARGit Intelligent wireless charging software includes:

  • Optional customer insight, engagement and sales software
  • Send out intelligent push notification marketing and sales messages in real time
  • Incentivise sales
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Meet customer expectations
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Drive sales, loyalty and footfall
  • Monitor CHARGhub usage – number of unique users, repeat customers, success of campaigns

How Does CHARGit Qi Wireless Charging Work?

Qi is a Chinese word that means “energy flow” and is pronounced chee. Qi is now the global standard in modern technology for the wire-free charging of battery-operated devices, such as smartphones, iPods, MP3 players, Bluetooth headphones and cameras.

Our CHARGhubs check that devices placed within the CHARGzone have the requisite wireless technology installed in the receivers’ device. CHARGhubs modulate the charge automatically, ensuring no overheating and a therefore entirely safe charge. Electromagnetic induction is used to transfer power wirelessly and charge the Qi-compatible device, negating the need for traditional cables and eradicated trip hazards and unsightly wires.

The process is safe and secure provided by tried and tested technology, which enables the user’s device to be charged, and your business the opportunity to communicate with them in real-time.

In short, CHARGit’s wireless charging delivers a reciprocal benefit, making receivers more receptive to your sales messages.

Contact us to find out more about our fast wireless charging and intelligent software

Contact us to find out more about our fast wireless charging and intelligent software