Forget the future – the present is wireless!

In the last decade, we have seen the capabilities of mobile phones jump exponentially. Now, even the most basic of smartphones are also professional cameras, streaming devices, stock exchange gadgets, shopping trollies, banking tools, you name it – all while having the ability to communicate across the globe. A smartphone is no longer an elitist accessory – it is an essential component of our everyday lives.

The Modern Smartphone

Is constantly evolving and our need to have the best model increases with their evolution, not because of our desire to have the hottest best products, but because of our need to be in the know. Being up to date with the latest smartphones gives us the speed and power that is vital for today’s ever-changing world.

We are all so dependent on our little gadget and we have got used to the plethora of apps we use. Over the past 18 months, tech companies have relied on our use of them even more. For example, the QR code has been around for many years without us ever knowing its true value, now we are constantly scanning them or using them to prove who we are. Without our smartphones being connected, we may not be able to order or pay for lunch, or even enter a venue.

So, if you haven’t got your smartphone cable with you, you will not make it through the day without your phone battery draining. Of course, it doesn’t matter what device you have anymore; One thing all the top smartphone manufacturers have in common is the ability to charge devices wirelessly. Whether that is your Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy – provided you are able to find somewhere with CHARGit’s wireless charging facilities you do not need to worry about bringing all your own charging devices around with you.

Wireless is the future

So why not BE one of those places? A coffee shop with a place to charge a smartphone is INSTANTLY more attractive and guaranteed to make more money due to it offering charging facilities. What could be more appealing for a guest than somewhere with coffee on tap, comfy seats, and a place to charge their smartphone at their table? Let’s face it, no one enjoys charging their expensive smartphone on the floor by the only plug socket. We at CHARGit are here to help you stay current and keep up with the ever-evolving world of hand-held devices, helping you to create a customer-friendly experience, keeping you ahead of the competition! So, what are you waiting for? If you’re not a part of the wireless world now, you’re already behind! 

So contact CHARGit today, and find how easy it is to install CHARGhubs in your business, increase your footfall, and deliver excellent customer satisfaction


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