‘Chill and Charge’

CHARGit is working with PayPal to offer attendees a ‘chill and charge’ lounge at Europe’s fastest growing retail and hospitality event. Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) is held at London’s Olympia on May 8th and 9th 2018.

What is ‘Chill and Charge’ and Why Use It?

We’ll be providing convenient, ultra-modern charging facilities in the lounge area. It will give RBTE attendees the opportunity to take a break and catch up on work emails whilst wirelessly charging their electronic devices.

Our technology allows for multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops to charge simultaneously through a surface. We thus negate the need for plug cables, offering ease of use for consumers and a new service offering for businesses.

Hayley Freedman, Director of CHARGit said: “PayPal has recognised the potential that wireless charging offers; convenient, fast, secure charging that helps to alleviate battery anxiety. At an exhibition involving business leaders and decision makers, people still need to stay connected for work purposes. Giving them the opportunity to top up their batteries helps to remove any potential stress associated with devices running out of battery.”

How Does Our Wireless Charging Technology Work?

The technology works by fitting a unit under a table or counter surface to create a charging zone known as a CHARGzone. This zone can then charge multiple devices at once, simply by placing them within it. Compatible devices need only be placed within the CHARGzone to charge, while non-compatible devices can have a CHARGkey added which provides them with the same function. No precise alignment is needed for charging to begin.

The fitted unit, known as a CHARGhub, is a ‘through surface transmitter’. It can be installed into the bottom of any non-metallic surface (a wooden table or counter, for example). There is no need for core-drilling which can potentially damage aesthetics/décor. The unit only needs to be screwed in place. For devices that don’t have wireless charging capability already installed, a CHARGkey is necessary. This simply acts in a similar fashion to a key fob. Having a CHARGkey plugged into a smartphone, tablet or laptop’s USB/charging port allows it to charge wirelessly.

Retail vs Hospitality

Hayley said: “PayPal’s ‘chill and charge’ lounge works two-fold for us. Not only will people benefit from CHARGit’s charging facilities but they will also be able to gain an appreciation of what the technology can offer. We see retail and hospitality as key target markets for us. The retail environment is the perfect environment to help people alleviate charge anxiety. On a different tack, hospitality can offer it as an exciting, new and, above all, differentiating service offering.”

She added: “From a retailer’s perspective, offering wireless charging helps to monetise people’s time. It encourages them to stay in a venue longer and possibly spend more money as a result. The same can be said for hospitality venues, with the added incentive being that it helps to provide a better in-room experience. We negate the need for international plug adaptors or simply the need to remember to bring a charger.”

Hayley Freedman concluded: “Wireless charging is the next evolution in mobile technology and it’s fantastic to see such a prominent brand as PayPal embracing it. We’re hoping it will go down well with attendees at the event.”

Additional Information

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