The Rise Of Battery Anxiety

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Battery anxiety is now officially recognised by psychologists globally as a genuine disorder (yes, really!). By providing wireless charging you can ease this anxiety by powering your customers, guest and staffs’ phones whilst simultaneously empowering your business. Providing free fast wireless charging has reciprocal benefits – as customers receive a free charge, they’re more receptive to the sales and marketing messages CHARGit’s intelligent wireless charging software can send them.

Here, we put our mobile consumer and charging insights to use by compiling a battery anxiety fact file. See how your customers will appreciate and benefit from fast wireless charging, and if you suffer from battery anxiety yourself.

What is battery anxiety?

As unlikely as it may seem ‘Battery Anxiety’ is now not only a social phenomenon, but it’s also recognised by psychologists all over the world. The term Battery anxiety has a clinical name of ‘nomophobia’ – created from the term “no-mobile-phone phobia” – and is even accepted by the World Health Organisation.The name first appeared back in 2008 when the UK Post Office carried out a survey, commissioned by YouGov, they discovered that 53% of mobile phone users in the UK became anxious upon losing their phone, when its batteries or credit ran low, or at having no network coverage.

Since then, reputable and respected medical journals such as Psychology Today have written about battery anxiety, mobile device manufacturers such as LG commissioned further research into it and the condition even has its own Wikipedia page.

Battery anxiety may have ramifications for our society, but you can help ease it and empower your business at the same time

What is fuelling battery anxiety?

Battery anxiety is being fuelled by our expectations for instant gratification, entertainment and unlimited data. A constant need for information gained at the touch of a button on our mobile devices, checking train times or the weather, ordering food or a taxi, our reliance on social media, our desire for being constantly entertained, either by listening to music or podcasts, playing games or even reading a book.

We now hold in our hands a mobile device that is more powerful than the spacecraft that landed Neil Armstrong on the moon. With more and more spec being incorporated in every generation of devices, batteries just can’t keep up with our insatiable usage. However, what the manufacturers have done is incorporate a chip into all devices that allows us to charge these devices wirelessly anywhere, without the need for carrying plugs and cables. What the public now rely on is public spaces to offer this amenity, just as they once relied on Wi-Fi access points.

How wireless charging is good for your business

Consumers increasingly expect to be able to charge their phones while outside of their homes and workspaces, they even choose what leisure and hospitality brands they visit based on the availability of wireless charging.

Add to the mix CHARGit’s intelligent software, that allows for data capture, behavioural marketing analytics and marketing and sales messages to be delivered while they charge, and it becomes clear how CHARGit will empower your business, increase loyalty and footfall whilst incentivising sales – ultimately intelligent wireless charging increases revenue.

Do I suffer from battery anxiety?

Of course, the point of this blog is so our customers or those looking to install intelligent wireless charging in their businesses, can check if their customer base might appreciate wireless charging, therefore increasing footfall and loyalty, but why not first see if you might get the odd battery anxiety twinge yourself?

The symptoms of battery anxiety are:

  • Anxiety (no surprise there then!)
  • Shaking
  • Sweating
  • Agitation
  • Disorientation
  • Palpitations
  • Increased heart rate
  • Fear or panic

At the more extreme end of the disorder people may even suffer depression, loneliness, hyper-dependency, fear of rejection and low self-esteem.

Do the kind thing and allow your customers, staff, guests or students to get a free fast mobile charge while they’re with you – and then send them marketing and sales messages they will be much more receptive to as they charge.

Stats on what triggers battery anxiety

  • 41% of the global population suffer ‘battery anxiety’ when charge drops below 20%
  • 58% of males and 47% of females suffer battery anxiety with a further 9% feeling stressed when their phones are off
  • 55% said it was not being able to contact friends and family that that mostly drove their anxiety
  • It’s young people and teenagers who suffer most. A SecurEnvoy survey discovered that 77% of the teens reported symptoms of the disorder
  • Surprisingly (or maybe not), it was 12 to 19-year olds that suffered the most; a SecurEnvoy survey discovered that 77% of the teens reported symptoms of the disorder
  • Other generations suffer too with both the 25-34 age group and those over 55 reporting symptoms
  • 60% will claim their phone battery is dead to family, friends, co-workers and/or significant other if they deem their battery too low to risk it running out by taking their call
  • 42% will skip the gym if they need to charge their battery seeking a place to charge it instead
  • 32% of smartphone users will drop everything upon realising they need to charge their device and head to where they can get a charge – that could be your business, where CHARGit’s unique software can also capture consumer analytics and behavioural data.

Battery Anxiety is only likely to increase

There is a recent and easily measurable example of the path wireless charging is taking. Just a few years back consumers across the globe began to expect WIFI connections everywhere; it became an everyday expectation. This then drove mobile providers to make data ever cheaper as consumers voted with their feet and their pockets, selecting their mobile network provider based upon unlimited data packages. Today we see oodles of endless data at low cost to the customer. Wireless charging is rapidly following this model.

Figures suggest that the wireless powered device sector is expected to grow on average 40% year on year, while recent surveys show knowledge of wireless charging for devices is already at 80% saturation, globally. In 2017, more than half a billion wireless powered smartphones were sold across the planet. These wireless charging insights and statistics represent millions of devices and millions of customers with a growing expectation for cafes, bars, hotels, work and public spaces to offer fast, safe wireless charging. As technology manufacturers innovate laptops, iPads and everything in-between to incorporate wireless charging in their devices as standard, this will further necessitate wireless charging everywhere.

The research on battery anxiety, gathered from numerous reliable sources who’ve done in-depth research, is clear – battery anxiety is real, it’s part of modern-day life and is here to stay. Make easing this anxiety a much sought after customer benefit and a boost to your business.

CONTACT US to see how we will empower your business and drive sales.

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