Accessible Power Is Probably More Important Than Free Wifi

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Accessible Power – A customer service must

Accessible Power is the ability to easily and simply charge your Smartphone without the need for a plug or cable. Why is this so important? Read on, and find out why accessible power is a Customer Service must, and how easy it will be to exceed your Customer’s expectations.

The Glorious 4th

It’s great news that the announcement from the UK Government will allow restaurant, bars and pubs to prepare for their re-opening on the 4th July in England.

(The rules covering Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are all managed by their devolved Government/assemblies).

Government Advice 23.06.2020

The Government has published detailed guidance (effective 23/06/20) which lists all the conditions of re-opening. What impact will these changes have on business?

Test & Trace

One key element to the re-opening is the potentially increased used of technology. There is a requirement for all venues to keep a record of ALL customers for 21 days (Section 2.1).

This is part of the Government’s Test & Trace strategy. So how much data has to be collected, (name, date of birth, address telephone number). In what format does it need to be stored?

Do all these businesses now need to become GDPR experts, at the very time they’re trying to resuscitate their business?

The Government is working with Trade Bodies to finalise this element.

Contactless Transactions

The second key element is the encouragement of Contactless Payment, and use of App based technology for ordering foods and drinks (Section 2.2.2).

This second element is nothing new to some sectors of the hospitality market. Examples such as McDonalds and Wetherspoons have offered their customers table ordering services for several years, but for independent businesses that don’t have the resource for app development. Will they have to rapidly source a 3rd Party partner?

Accessible Power

Accessible Power provides your customers an essential service in today’s environment, providing the ability for a customer to re-charge their mobile device easily, simply and most importantly hygienically.

These days, mobile phone contracts provide their user with so much data allowance, that the fear of running out of data is not the biggest concern. The fear of running out of battery is probably greater.

We supply and fit Wireless Charging hubs (CHARGhubs) that can be retro-fitted into almost any piece of furniture.  Almost all modern Smartphones will support wireless charging.

So now your customers will never have the fear of running out of battery, and you as the business owner, are providing a service that could help drive footfall.

To support these CHARGhubs, CHARGit can also provide our unique Communications Software that allows a venue to communicate with a device that is charging.

You could send a message promoting a key product offer, or remind customers about your Social Distancing policies. Our unique software can be integrated into your existing ordering app if you have one – it’s truly flexible.

So contact CHARGit today, and find how easy it is to install CHARGhubs in your business, increase your footfall, and deliver excellent customer satisfaction

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